In these turbulent times, data analysis is certainly not the most important item on the agenda for most organizations, unless it is used to combat the virus. Paying salaries and keeping the company financially stable are top priorities.

However, despite all current restrictions in the economy and in personal life, ADM (Arbeitskreis Markt- und Sozialforschung) also emphasizes the social importance of market and social research, especially in times of crisis. Reliable and objective data are very important as a basis for orientation and decision-making in politics and business. “The companies in our industry have the right tools to support politics and business in this,” says Bernd Wachter, Chairman of the ADM Board.


“As a society, we are currently having great difficulty keeping a cool head and a clear view, because each and every one of us is affected by the crisis. But panicmongering and fake news must not fall on fertile ground now. That is why reliable and objective data are very important as a basis for orientation and decision-making in politics and business, especially now. This applies not only to the medical and epidemiological side of the problem, but also to the social side. The companies in our sector have the right tools to support politics and economy in this respect.”

– ADM- Chairman of the Board Bernd Wachter

In order to reflect the opinions and needs of the population correctly, it is of course important that people are prepared to take part in surveys, even in view of the current situation. Only in this way can market and social research be a reliable compass through the crisis.

Not only the market as a whole, but also each individual company, whether small or large, is facing an enormous challenge to master the coming weeks and months. We are facing uncertain times.

The data competence of companies is the crucial survival skill in today’s world. It is essential to systematically consolidate data and all necessary information, to develop different corporate strategies and to use the results for operational control.

Here the question arises whether Excel as a planning solution still meets these requirements. Experience shows that Excel also presents many challenges and unnecessary errors can occur in its use. (the topic was already taken up in a previous blog):

  • Excel is a spreadsheet software, not statistical analysis software.
  • Sorting errors often occur in worksheets.
  • Excel is very limited in the graphical representation of the data.
  • In Excel, information can easily be inadvertently overwritten.

A suitable statistics program provides a remedy here and offers possibilities to evaluate existing data, to recognize changes and to adapt the corporate management accordingly in order to steer the own company through this crisis.

One such program is PS IMAGO PRO, an excellent analysis suite that already includes IBM SPSS Statistics and offers users additional capabilities. It allows users to access, prepare and analyze data and visualize results using a wide range of analytical techniques and an additional set of over 100 charts, methods and capabilities.

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