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The new version of PS IMAGO PRO – Predictive Solutions’ flagship analysis and reporting solution – is now available!

Users of PS IMAGO PRO 9.0 will benefit from yet more new features that expand the capabilities of IBM SPSS Statistics. Among them are procedures for data operations, as well as a new type of visualization – a matrix dashboard. PS IMAGO PRO 9.0 comes equipped with the latest IBM SPSS Statistics 29 analysis engine, and with it a number of new features and procedures, including Accelerated Failure Time models (AFT), an alternative to linear OLS, and a violin chart. In addition to data analysis enhancements, the software’s performance and stability with respect to the latest operating systems has also been improved.


Procedures for Data Management and Processing


  • MULTIPLY OBSERVATIONS – this allows multiplying observations with the use of a weighting variable, and saving them in a specified location in the form of a new dataset. Each case will be represented in the new set of data as many times as implied by its weighted frequency in the original set;
  • REVERSE THE ENCODING – this allows reversing the direction of the encoding of quality variables. The procedure re-codes the variables into new variables with respective value labels;
  • DATA AUDIT – it helps prepare a summary for the variables being analyzed in the form of tables with statistics selected by the user. The summary is presented with a breakdown into quantitative and qualitative variables. This procedure is particularly useful when creating a quick report or when comparing multiple variables.

Data Audit – a sample set of summary statistics for quantitative and qualitative variables

New Dashboard

  • MATRIX DASHBOARD – this makes it possible to present the status of implementing a plan within data groups /sub-groups in the form of a dashboard. It compiles the actual values of the execution of a task with the values planned in a table. Depending on the template chosen, the coloration of the items and/or their shape represents the excess over threshold values or over the status of a plan’s implementation.

Matrix dashboard – sales of individual types of products in regions 


The new version of PS IMAGO PRO integrates with an external Microsoft SharePoint repository allowing users to connect to this additional content sharing platform directly from the program’s interface. Now, once the analytical report has been built in PS IMAGO PRO, the user can choose to publish it on either the PS IMAGO Portal or Microsoft SharePoint.

The program dialog box to configure report publishing in the Microsoft SharePoint


New and updated statistical procedures


  • ALTERNATIVES TO LINEAR OLS (least squares methods) – new regression types: Lasso, Ridge Regression, and Elastic Net, which are included in the regularized regression group. These are used to “impose penalties” on very complex models, and could be helpful in removing variables that are not very useful in a model (useful in the case of a high number of predictors, or their correlation);
  • ACCELERATED FAILURE TIME (AFT) MODELS – a newly added survival analysis, which is a parametric model, unlike the popular Kaplan-Meier and Cox regression. It is used when a dependent variable has a specified distribution;
  • VIOLIN PLOT – a new type of graph for visualizing the distribution of quantitative data along with summary statistics. It is based on a symmetrical distribution density plot, presented in respect of the vertical axis;
  • PSEUDO-R2 MEASUREMENTS AND INTRA-CLASS CORRELATION COEFFICIENT (ICC) – taken into consideration for the output data in the Mixed models procedure – Linear and Generalized Mixed Models.

Ridge regression – a line chart showing the ridge regression coefficients and the alpha value

Violin Plot – distribution of the Price variable for individual categories of the Region variable 

Analyst’s Aides


  • NON-SELECTED OBSERVATIONS AVAILABLE – after a subset of observations is selected, the non-selected cases are not hidden or rejected automatically in the Data Editor;
  • FOLDER MODE IMPROVEMENTS – two new elements were added to the folder toolbar: Show/Hide the whole syntax and Clear all the output data. On the status bar, a new button is also available for switching between the Classic mode (Commands and Results window), and the Folder mode;
  • BROWSING IMPROVEMENTS – the browsing function now offers entering terms directly in the toolbar field, and viewing the results from a drop-down list;
  • PYTHON AND R UPDATES – together with IBM SPSS Statistics 29, Python 3.10.4 and 4.2.0 are installed.

Folder Mode – Integrated functionalities of the Commands window and the Result window

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