PS CLEMENTINE PRO – based on IBM SPSS Modeler, a world-renowned data mining and Big Data analysis environment. The solution architecture enables flexible adaptation to organizational requirements and integration of predictive analytics with business processes and systems.

PS CLEMENTINE PRO consists of:


  • PS Desktop: A solution management application for analysts and business users.
  • IBM SPSS Modeler: powerful data mining tool that integrates with databases and provides a wide range of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques
  • PS CLEMENTINE Database: a repository for managing analytical assets including storage, retrieval, group work, etc.
  • PS CLEMENTINE Scheduler: a component that automates and schedules analytical processes stored in the PS CLEMENTINE database




IBM SPSS Modeler is a powerful analysis engine with a wide range of offered algorithms. It allows uploading data from various sources. It allows modifying data, managing its quality and dealing with gaps and deficiencies in the data. PS CLEMENTINE Pack is a set of new, original procedures that will make your work with data much easier. In addition, it provides the integration of the program with the repository.



IBM SPSS Modeler is a system that focuses on a proven methodology of data mining project management (CRISP-DM) and advanced modeling techniques based on statistical techniques and artificial intelligence in one environment. IBM SPSS Modeler is a globally recognized system by professionals specializing in data mining.



Storing and sharing the results of your work with others can now be done in one place, thanks to the PS CLEMENTINE database and the PS CLEMENTINE Manager management application. With the assignment of access rights and object editing, you can limit or expand the group of people who are authorized to view and edit certain resources.



PS CLEMENTINE Dispatcher enables automation of analysis processes that can be executed in background mode and triggered by a specific action. It is possible to start the process at a predefined time, on a predefined day and automatically and to define a recurring triggering. In addition, the process can be started when a file appears in a certain directory, or at the request of the user via the web service whose computer is not equipped with an analysis engine or the PS CLEMENTINE PRO solution.



Data preparation & continuous data quality control


The solution includes IBM SPSS Modeler, a powerful analytical engine with enormous capabilities and a wide range of offered algorithms. With it, the user has access to tools and techniques that support the process of data acquisition from various sources and allow instant management of their quality and analytical transformation. In addition, PS CLEMENTINE Pack includes new procedures that greatly facilitate the work with data and the integrated integration of the analytical engine with the repository.

Gaining knowledge through modeling


A wide range of configurable algorithms, statistical techniques and data mining allows users to combine knowledge from data, business and expert knowledge with interactive modeling. PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a system that combines advanced modeling techniques based on statistical methods and artificial intelligence in one environment.

Management of the analysis process


PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a tool adapted to the needs of the proven data mining project methodology (CRISP-DM). It enables clear and transparent representation of the data mining process and its automatic documentation. It has built-in methods for customizing the automatic procedures, including SQL code customization.

Group work and team management


With its integrated analytical repository, PS CLEMENTINE PRO enables centralized management of the analytical process. It has functionalities for differentiated user access to analytical resources according to user roles and competencies. This creates a field for structured group work. This solution ideally facilitates work in the field of organization, storage and sharing of analytical content.


CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) is a project implementation methodology and data mining process model that provides a complete and universal map for projects aimed at creating business solutions using data mining techniques. PS CLEMENTINE PRO provides full support for this model and organizes the work.


  • Understanding the business – Tasks in this step include understanding the business-relevant processes, mapping business goals to analytical goals, and creating a project plan.
  • Understanding data – The goal of this step is to identify data sources, learn about them, and understand their importance to the business.
  • Data Preparation – Tasks in this step lead to the creation of final data sets that meet format requirements, scale, or cleanliness for modeling, and their description for clear interpretation of models.
  • Evaluation – The goal of this step is to verify models against business criteria, select the best models for distribution, and make decisions about next steps and changes in future iterations of the process.
  • Delivering Results – This key stage is to deliver results to the recipients, which could simply mean delivering a report. However, data mining projects more often involve writing additional information into databases or using models to provide online business recommendations to recipients, for example.


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