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No more high SPSS Statistics license costs!


You work successfully with IBM SPSS Statistics, but the license costs bring your budget to its limits year after year?

Then you feel the same way as many other companies, before they were able to significantly reduce the necessary financial expenditure with our help.

In addition to a significantly lower price for the software, our solution approach also offers a significantly expanded range of functions!

Over 100 new options for SPSS Statistics


In order to work even better and faster with SPSS Statistics, many functions have been added in the area of data management. For example, all files within a folder can be easily combined without having to select each file individually.

Many users were also missing essential charts, which are not available in SPSS Statistis. And this is where PS IMAGO PRO has a lot of advantages. Not only can you display new charts, but you can even mix some charts in tables with numerical data. This way you visualize important key statements and still have the details in one report.

Another point, which is optimally solved in PS IMAGO PRO, can be found in the area of reporting and automation. In a browser-based reporting portal, parts of an SPSS output can be assembled into impressive dashboards. Instead of a sequential column of charts and tables, you create a clear dashboard with the appropriate timed automation. You don’t need an expensive server version of SPSS Statistics to do this.

And this is what PS IMAGO PRO with SPSS Statistics has to offer


PS IMAGO PRO delivers attractive and professional analytical reports that can be created and shared quickly and with minimal effort. This is due to the combined elements of this solution: access to data in different systems, a world-renowned analytical engine (IBM SPSS Statistics) with a wealth of statistical algorithms, a professional analytical report design tool, a secure environment for publishing reports, and a process for automatically updating analytical reports when source data changes.

  • PS Imago Desktop – the central access point of the application that manages the software elements and supports the organization of the analysis and reporting process.
  • PS Imago Pack / Pro – a comprehensive set of analytical and reporting procedures that build on the functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics and its components to simplify and speed up the analyst’s work
  • PS Imago Designer – an application for designing and creating analytical reports for immediate exchange with business users
  • PS Imago Portal – web environment for sharing analytical reports with business users
  • PS Imago Process – an application that enables users to automatically create and update analytical reports


With PS IMAGO PRO, exactly the same modules can be ordered as with the normal SPSS Statistics!

Is there a trial version of PS IMAGO PRO?


As with the normal SPSS Statistics, we also offer you a 14-day test license for PS IMAGO PRO. During this time you can put the program through its paces. If something does not work as desired, we will be happy to help you unbureaucratically. A phone call is all it takes.

PS IMAGO PRO is only available for Windows. For Mac and Linux users we recommend the installation of a virtual machine (e.g. with Paralells, VMWare, KDE).

Here you can find detailed information about the individual components


PS IMAGO Pack PRO and IBM SPSS Statistics


IBM SPSS Statistics is a proven and leading tool for quantitative data analysis. A number of modules provide numerous techniques for tasks such as descriptive analysis, forecasting and prediction, and classification and grouping.

41 additional techniques of PS IMAGO Pack PRO significantly extend the functionality of SPSS Statistics. They provide methods for data set management, variable transformation, and variable dependency analysis that were not available until today. In addition to the new techniques, PS IMAGO Pack PRO offers a number of novel methods for visualizing results, e.g. dashboards or side-by-side charts.



With the result objects of analyses created with IBM SPSS Statistics, the creator of the report will finally be able to prepare information customized to the needs of the recipient. Some definable elements of the report are: Layout, Structure and Navigation, Style, Appearance, Format, and Object Descriptions and Comments.

You can create the report according to your company standard. The ready report can be published on the company’s website or portal, or simply sent as a PDF to selected people, depending on the form you have chosen.



Analytical reporting does not end with the completion of the report. Equally important is the publication and distribution to authorized users. It would be an excellent solution for a company to create a place to present and publish the results and collect important business information. This is essentially the portal.

Users can publish reports, create groups and grant permissions through the portal. The reports kept in the repository are organized in directories, the structure of which can reflect the company’s organizational structure or its business goals, among others.

PS IMAGO Process


Constant access to up-to-date information facilitates decision-making and accelerates actions and reactions to change to increase a company’s competitive advantage. Uninterrupted access to up-to-date information is key to the efficient operation of any business. It’s not just about reproducible reports. In ad hoc reporting, it is common for published documents to differ only in terms of the data presented.

Until today, updating a report meant creating and exporting result objects in IBM SPSS Statistics from scratch. Now the new feature can fully automate the process of updating and publishing ad hoc and periodic (e.g. quarterly) reports.

Some of our customer testimonials

Łukasz Gradowski, BI Market Analysis Expert Business Intelligence Department, MAKRO Cash and Carry, Poland.

In my opinion, PS IMAGO PRO is a long-awaited tool for users of IBM SPSS Statistics. It offers to the analyst the opportunity to present the results in an attractive and clear manner. One of the key utilities is sharing the reports through a web browser, also with people who are not IBM SPSS Statistics users. PS IMAGO PRO can be used in both marketing as well as financial departments.

Dr Joanna Karłowska-Pik, Nicolaus Copernicus University


I really liked the PS IMAGO Designer application, allowing you to create a presentation from the elements of the IBM SPSS Statistics report and then publish it on a server, with the possibility of sharing it with strictly defined groups of recipients. This tool seems to be a great option for persons managing companies or institutions, making decisions on the basis of up-to-
date indicators and reports delivered them. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the ability to easily and quickly update and graphically process information transmitted this way.


KrzysztofVice President, Retail Banking

With information on product sharing, I can create relevant product or service recommendations. A well-fitted offer has a significant impact on the satisfaction and loyalty of our Customers. Understanding consumers is the basis for making right business decisions.

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