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When the result counts!

Because good things can always get better, there is the Predictive Solutions software.

PS Imago PRO, PS Quaestio PRO and PS Clementine PRO are powerful packages for statistical analysis, data collection and data mining. 

The software combines available standard systems such as IBM SPSS Statistics, Unicom Data Collection (also known as SPSS Dimensions) and IBM SPSS Modeler with unique Add-Ons.

The Predictive Solutions Softwareis tailored to client needs, for social and marketing research, managing customer relationships, preventing waste and abuse, debt recovery and money laundering prevention.

PS IMAGO PRO, an excellent analysis suite, which already includes SPSS Statistics and offers the user even more possibilities.

PS QUAESTIO PRO with Survey Reporter, which allows you to easily create tables and charts from survey data or other sources.

PS CLEMENTINE PRO with SPSS Modeler, for conducting predictive analyses and using the results in business processes.


SurveyTester was named a finalist in the ASC-0MRS/ASC Award for Best Technology Innovation

The prestigious MRS Awards 2023 took place at Old Billingsgate (London) on December 4th, celebrating excellence and innovation in the field of market research. The event brought together industry leaders, professionals, and innovators for an evening of celebration and acknowledgement. 

SurveyTester was honored to be named a finalist in the ASC-0MRS/ASC Award for Best Technology Innovation. This category specifically highlights companies and solutions that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and technological advancement, making significant contributions to the evolving landscape of market research. 

In the picture: Laura Blacklock, representing SurveyTester, is presented with a finalist certificate by AJ Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Mediaprobe.   

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Predictive Solutions wins the

We are proud to announce that Predictive Solutions (PS IMAGO PRO, QUAESTIO and CLEMENTINE) has won the award for “ESA Partner of the Year”.

New version of PS QUAESTIO PRO
Version 9.0

This new version of the system provides a number of functional innovations and options to improve data security and efficiency of conducted processes. An integral part of the solution is PS IMAGO PRO 9.0 with the IBM SPSS Statistics 29 analytical engine.

New version of PS IMAGO PRO
Version 9.0 with SPSS Statistics V29

PS IMAGO PRO includes the newly released IBM SPSS Statistics 29, which contains new procedures for data operations, as well as a new type of visualization – a matrix dashboard.

New version : PS CLEMENTINE PRO 4.0

Modern data mining and big data analysis environment. The multifunctional interface facilitates process and group work management.

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